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A Day to Remember (comúnmente abreviado como ADTR) es un grupo musical de post-hardcore de Ocala, Florida, Estados Unidos unido contractu...

A Day to Remember (comúnmente abreviado como ADTR) es un grupo musical de post-hardcore de Ocala, Florida, Estados Unidos unido contractualmente a Victory Records, conocidos por su inusual combinación de Metalcore con Pop Punk.

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Álbum: And Their Name Was Treason
Año: 2005
Calidad: kbps
Peso: mb

01. Intro.mp3
02. Heartless.mp3
03. Your Way With Words Is Through.mp3
04. A Second Glance.mp3
05. Casablanca Sucked Anyways.mp3
06. You Should Have Killed Me When.mp3
07. If Looks Could Kill.mp3
08. You Had Me At Hello.mp3
09. 1958.mp3
10. Sound The Alarm.mp3

Álbum: For Those Who Have Heart
Año: 2007
Calidad: kbps
Peso: mb

01. Fast Forward to 2012.mp3
02. Speak of the Devil.mp3
03. The Danger in Starting a Fire.mp3
04. The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle.mp3
05. Monument.mp3
06. The Price We Pay.mp3
07. Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine..mp3
08. Show 'Em the Ropes.mp3
09. A Shot in the Dark.mp3
10. Here's to the Past.mp3
11. I Heard It's the Softest Thing Ever.mp3
12. Start the Shooting.mp3
13. Heartless.mp3
14. You Should've Killed Me When You Had the Chance.mp3
15. Since U Been Gone.mp3
16. Why Walk on Water When We've Got Boats.mp3

Álbum: Homesick
Año: 2009
Calidad: kbps
Peso: mb

01. The Downfall of Us All.mp3
02. My Life for Hire.mp3
03. I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?.mp3
04. NJ Legion Iced Tea.mp3
05. Mr. Highway's Thinking About the End.mp3
06. Have Faith in Me.mp3
07. Welcome to the Family.mp3
08. Homesick.mp3
09. Holdin' It Down for the Underground.mp3
10. You Already Know What You Are.mp3
11. If It Means a Lot to You.mp3
12. Homesick (Acoustic).mp3
13. Another Song About the Weekend (Acoustic).mp3
14. Another Song About the Weekend (Acoustic).mp3

Álbum: What Separates Me from You
Año: 2010
Calidad: kbps
Peso: mb

01. Sticks & Bricks.mp3
02. All I Want.mp3
03. It's Complicated.mp3
04. This Is the House That Doubt Built.mp3
05. 2nd Sucks.mp3
06. Better Off This Way.mp3
07. All Signs Point to Lauderdale.mp3
08. You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic.mp3
09. Out of Time.mp3
10. If I Leave.mp3

Álbum: Common Courtesy
Año: 2013
Calidad: kbps
Peso: mb

01. City Of Ocala.mp3
02. Right Back At It Again.mp3
03. Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail.mp3
04. Dead & Buried.mp3
05. Best Of Me.mp3
06. I'm Already Gone.mp3
07. Violence ( Enough Is Enough ).mp3
08. Life @ 11.mp3
09. I Surrender.mp3
10. Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way.mp3
11. End Of Me.mp3
12. The Document Speaks For Itself.mp3
13. I Remember.mp3


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