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Es una banda formada en Estados Unidos que mezcla sonidos como el Rock, el Techno, el Folk y el Indie. Actualmente se encuentra integ...

Es una banda formada en Estados Unidos que mezcla sonidos como el Rock, el Techno, el Folk y el Indie. Actualmente se encuentra integrada por Brendon Urie, y Spencer Smith, tras anunciarse el 6 de julio de 2009 la partida del guitarrista y compositor Ryan Ross y el bajista Jon Walker a causa de diferencias en preferencias musicales.

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Álbum: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
Año: 2005
Calidad: 256 kbps
Peso: 98 mb

01. Introduction
02. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage
03. London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines
04. Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks
05. Camisado
06. Time To Dance
07. Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
08. Intermission
09. But It's Better If You Do
10. I Write Sins Not Tradgedies
11. I Constantly Thank God For Esteban
12. There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet
13. Build God, Then We'll Talk

Álbum: Pretty Odd
Año: 2008
Calidad: 256 kbps
Peso: 119 mb

01. We're So Starving.mp3
02. Nine In The Afternoon.mp3
03. She's A Handsome Woman.mp3
04. Do You Know What I'm Seeing.mp3
05. That Green Gentlemen (Things Have Changed).mp3
06. I Have Friends In Holy Spaces.mp3
07. Northern Downpour.mp3
08. When The Day Met The Night.mp3
09. Pas De Cheval.mp3
10. The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know.mp3
11. Behind The Sea.mp3
12. Folkin' Around.mp3
13. She Had The World.mp3
14. From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins.mp3
15. Mad As Rabbits.mp3

Álbum: Vices and Virtues
Año: 2011
Calidad: 256 kbps
Peso: 126 mb

01. Valkyrie Missile
02. Distraction
03. Do It for Me Now
04. The Adventure
05. A Little's Enough
06. The War
07. The Gift
08. It Hurts
09. Good Day
10. Start the Machine

Álbum: Too Weird to Live,Too Rare to die!
Año: 2013
Calidad:  256 kbps
Peso: 80 mb

01. This Is Gospel.mp3
02. Miss Jackson (Feat. Lolo).mp3
03. Vegas Lights.mp3
04. Girl That You Love.mp3
05. Nicotine.mp3
06. Girls/Girls/Boys.mp3
07. Casual Affair.mp3
08. Far Too Young To Die.mp3
09. Collar Full.mp3
10. The End Of All Things.mp3


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